February 14th, 2004 VALENTINES DAY
At your own discretion use generally as follows.
A cure for some of the damage and a way to gain some remission. Now we either find and remove the implants, an expensive and nearly impossible task or cause the electronics to degrade into non working conditions.

This is working as a remedy and the ingredients will likely be altered to discover the effective ingredients that cause the mix to have the beneficial effects. We don't say everyone will be able to get the same results. We say we may come up with a simpler list of ingredients and of course you too could experiment yourselves if competent. All you do is at your own risk and we have to say that what you do is your responsibility as with all things. It may also be that no change in the ingredients will be made or necessary. Also if you live in an apartment where you are close to an attack device it may be that what can be reduced in on issue will be increased by another type of device or in the output of energy.

http://www.us-government-torture.com/ author John Mecca
Herbal Remedy for the effects of MC attack and will reduce neurophone attack possibly to zer0.

   The remedy is comprised of  7 herbs or substances that cleanse from the body's tissues the active directed energy accelerating components, these accelerating components are created as byproducts of energy attacks; the energy attacks saturate various areas of the body particularly areas adjacent to the implants, and then cause as a secondary effect an increase in metallic and ionic migration of naturally occurring molecules and elements towards the energized areas together with any molecules or elements or organisms artificially introduced into the bodies system; such  items qualified as mycoplasm, metallics and other toxins are caused to buildup in discrete tubules of the mitochondria and other places in cells adjacent to the implants or other areas which have been targeted by the energy.

   The effect from directed energy although not observed due to lack of research funding is believed to migrate to the areas of the mitochondria by a polarization effect upon the tissues where such material exists. The increased efficiency of the implants appears to be increased both by amplitude from direct energy that increases the power possible to saturate the area of saturation, and by stabilized metallic and mycoplasm in tissues of the discrete portions of cells and from the increased output potential from an implant. The obvious is that an implant need not be in the body where a suitable ability to target the individual is possible where they are saturated and their body develops a presence of increased tissue susceptibility receive energy by virtue of a virtual antenna forming in the tissues, this issue is elaborated to in respect to targeting an individual without an implant of the following page  " KIT " .

   The mechanism of how the cure works is based upon the creation of a higher concentration of metallic virtual antenna adjacent to the implant and the virtual antenna be caused to form by the implant and or other highly affected areas, this tissue  antenna formed subsequently allows for more directed energy to directly transfer to this toxic brew mitochondria tissue antenna area and to then receive additional energy and transfer it to the body increasing destabilization of the body generally in ways which are discussed on the  KIT  page of the web site.

   The issues stated here are in addition to the issues of decreasing neuro chemistry as stated on the " KIT "  page augmenting a greater understanding of the operation of these systems against people.

The cure or ability of the following concoction is to cleanse the toxins contributing to a virtual antenna was devised by a bona fide pharmacist specializing in herbal medicine and simultaneous replacement with those constituents that are conducive to cell health. The ingredients are as follows, together with directions of dosage and mixing for one gallon. I have quantified the reasoning above as to what actually takes place in the body relative to the issue of implant and directed energy effects.

Directions: Take 4 liquid ounces morning noon and night. Use measuring cup to dose yourself and don't increase it.

Take only for 1 month then remove the ingredient " Phyto-Proz " from your 2nd and subsequent batches.

One gallon distilled water is to have added to it the following carefully measured ingredients.
Obtain all ingredients in liquid form in dropper bottles only.
throw away one cup of water from the gallon to make room for the additives.

Its suggested you check for accuracy of measuring cup or spoon.
Keep refrigerated if possible.
Do not drink alcohol when using it
Regular strength for all ingredients is specified, some ingredients like Maitake have concentrate forms, avoid such
concentrations simply because the original formula did not use them.

1. Maitake ( one ounce ).  Brand Name " Grifron ". Regular strength!

2. Schisandra ( two ounces ). Brand Name " Natures Answer ".

3. Phyto-Proz  ( one HALF ounce ). Brand Name " Gaia Herbs ". Has reccommendation for 20 to 50 drops per serving doseage, due to its statement f risk of rare liver reaction we have cut it down to 10 drops serving equivalent, which for a gallon mix is as stated  ( one Half ounce per gallon.

4. Bio-Strath ( five ounces ). Brand Name " Bio-Strath ".

4a. Its also in addition been reccommended that besides using in the drink that after one is rinsed off once a day some on the scalp in affected areas for hair root reinvigoration at full strength.

5. Colloidalife trace minerals and electrolytes ( one and 3/4 ounces ). Brand Name  " Source Naturals, Colloidalife ".

5a. Also once a day a saturation of the scalp with this is recommended besides using it in the drink.

6. Green tea; Remove 4 cups distilled water from the gallon being used and make green tea" to add back to the gallon. It means that you make green tea and then add it back to gallon.

6a.) It was also suggested to bathe in water that has 1/4 cup of Sea Salt, this seems to be very good and as to the why I would say that the effect is evening out the conductivity of the skin and replacement of minerals being depleted. In regard to the theory of migration of conductive elements of the body its presume they have to be depleted from somewhere so hence replacemet is a good consideration even as it were as a topical issue. In regard to hair it seems to make a dramatic difference for the better when drenched during bath time. Also the use of such mineral application is I know taken into the skin which may more evenly distribute any energy intersecting with the body as the beam will be striking additional salts and minerals potentially causing a diffused reaction and thereby decreasing the intensity on the tissue in relation to square inch saturation. Don't forget to rinse the salt off.

7. Continue with the regime for 2 months and taper off as you are able.
8. Spread the word.
9. Wear a jammer to reduce the ability of the implant and or directed energy to rebuild the toxic antenna effect again.
10. Become an activist to stop any other activities, by filing a complaint as shown on this page.
11. Please spread the word to all people who have symptoms they may not be aware of that are being affected represented by this page. http://www.us-government-torture.com/symptoms.html

12. Fight chemtrails where aluminum and barium are being dumped from airplanes on the entire population, and so it seems as a byproduct beyond the official claims that such activity is to reduce the greenhouse effect, it seems that the inhalation by the population will accelerate such affects as are described on the pages of this site. Stamps are about to be issued by the US postal service showing what appears to be chemtrails in order to make it appear that such clouds are normal, they are not. Be an activist and stop depopulation. Addition of metals can only accelerate the reactions of the metalization of the discrete portions of cells. At the same time 500 mile diameter areas of various states are being bombarded with high energy to cause the uptake of such metals sprayed from planes to be uptaked by the cells in greater than average proportions See this page http://www.us-government-torture.com/FLASH.html

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