Some research for you about magnetic countermeasures from me, year 2000
9.) The consideration to block radiation may be possible
with other simpler more elegant methods,

Polyethylene the plastic commonly used in many
kitchen products contains a substantial amount of of hydrogen

n and is
well known at NASA for blocking radiation.
9a.) [ the following is an ongoing specification
as to the cause and countermeasures where at
the end of 9a there will be the most advanced
up to date countermeasure. However it will
be of interest to the reader how the general
evolution of th

ought culminated in the various
designs and changes.
We don't that the following will protect against
all the mechanisms being used to experiment
on civilians but it appears that it will be
effective against some energies. The following
is a description of a means to protect yourself
and children against so

me of the experimental 
It appears the complexity to remain protected 
may be too much for 99% of the population 
to create. A very efficient protection mechanism 

has been devised to eliminate much electromagnetic 
spectrum energies; it is a non screen faraday 
cage (meaning a solid sheet of metal optimally of 
copper enclosure 
sure enclosing all sides where the persons 
are inside and are not in contact with the metal 
walls. The walls have t 
o be connected with a 
transformer output of half wave reversing 
currents that then prevent the penetration 
of various energies. This technique is currently 
being used to protect explosive weapons for the
U.S. Armed Forces, for those 
interested in details as to the actual parameters
necessary to manufacture the protective portion of such 
a device see the following patent number 5,291,829 
view able at the online U.S. Patent Office .

WE MAY HAVE some breakthrough information 
on a specific methodology countermeasure. It has 
to do with jamming ELF waves ( extra low frequency )
where the body has a magnetic output of some 3 - 15 hz, 
which is easy to see from a satellite with ultra sensitive 
sensors called ( SQUID magnetic ). A frequency 
matching the magnetic frequency of the human body is 
emanated and in much the same way as a transformer 
operates; the magnetic pulsing of the ELF wave as (the 
primary) intersects with the bodies magnetic field 
(the secondary) . The amplitude height of the 
primary wave magnetically inducts the 

secondary and as the primary amplitude drops as in 
any transformer causes the extra magnetic energy 
to be added to the secondary thereby increasing
the voltage in the body causing an internal shock for 
example. Modification to cause such a rise beyond the 
simple example is to match the fr

frequency and then to
simply cause a rise in its frequency which
then causes a subsequent rise the
secondary frequency rate; a secondary method
to be used in understanding the means which
may be being used ( as there are many devices of
varying operations using various frequencies - these
descriptions are meant to be used in considering the
what and how of their operation) to add the use of
an ELF wave together with a microwave where
the frequency of the microwave being so much greater
they are in a class by themselves where the microwave
frequencies are extremely fast (short) they may have
an overall modified carrier wave type frequency
applied to them which allows portions of the frequency
amplitude to intersect in such a way as to act as
a pumping

mechanism of the primary when it
intersects with the brain allowing the potential of
adding subliminal messages and sounds to their
several abilities.

An overall means to block such signals
transmission and or reception is to alter the
natural magnetic frequency of the body. Together
with generating negative wavelengths of other
frequencies responsible.

NOW WHAT is meant by the statement above.
It means that the overall magnetic signature
of the body exists in a minute quantity, the ability
to see this field with extremely sensitive equipment
has been proven and therefore is a also a means
to use the bodies magnetic field as a signature for
locating an individual using their magnetic field much
like a fingerprint. The ELF frequency locator signal
is sent out and

as its frequency crests and troughs
passes over the body it has the magnetic

impressed upon it like a primary impressing a
magnetic field upon a secondary of a transformer.
The subsequent extra magnetic energy
imparted by the body is then detected on an x - y - z
coordinate so as to present a location for
subsequent transmission of energy to or from
that specific persons location. Once the location
coordinates are obtained the programmer has several
options as to what manipulation or test is to be
conducted; such as sending pulses of energy to
prevent going sleep, pulses to awaken the subject
prematurely, imputing shock energy to cause
pain, inputting specific magnetic frequency energy
to cause the bodies overall magnetic field to increase
which subsequently creates a means to have
the sub vocalized actual thought process of the
person imprinted upon the persons magnetic field
which is then picked up as a primary
output for impression onto the ELF wave
for recording of actual brain thought
sub vocalization ( meaning they can intercept your
thoughts under condition that you think in terms
of words. Not everyone thinks in terms of words
however and the ability to extricate information is
limited by the personalized though process which
may not be readable due to unusual thought patterns).
Images may be possible to extricate and it has been
generally determined to be credibly possible.
Without being on the other end where the receiver
is it is not reasonable to explore the efficiency
with which this can be done.

A countermeasure is possible and doable. It should be
possible to account for their ability to eliminate
frequencies used to distort their signals.

Broad Spectrum Dection Method

See Nov 28, 2000

The following primitive device works! The rotating
magnetic metal at the tip of a motor shaft much like
a propeller creates a disruptive magnetic field which is
imparted like a primary of a transformer into the bodies
secondary magnetic field to alter its frequency preventing
an efficient lock-on by the field from the
testing/experimenting. A cover over the
moving part should be attached made of plastic.
For effective use have the device placed
close to the head or heart. Design your own
and send feedback to us. Distribute this and your
information free to everyone you can to put
those who are using the bio-manipulation
equipment out of business in this particular
The small magnets are harmless to the health
and welfare of the user; however if you
build your own devices be careful you don't use
too strong or dangerous methods, get opinions
from people who know about electromagnetic
spectrum energies to advise you.

A larger field with variable interference
frequencies is being developed.

HERE of a simple disrupter of the
magnetic signature of the bodies bio-field
to disrupt the integration of illegal govt.
and corporate testing of U.S. citizens.

As an aside the use of an ironically cheap semi noisy 9 volt motor
run on a DC transformer will allow the determination
of when and if such an ELF/Highfrequency field is
involved due to the transformer driven device
being caused to change pitch from the external load
of such fields being focused on the person. In other words
the motors sound will change and the
Rounds Per Minute will fluctuate
because of the energy from the illegal bio-magnetic field
from sources of either satellite or triangulation from
transmitting devices in your area. It has been mentioned
that the potential of their using telephone, grounded
water pipes and your outlets is possible; the alteration
in sound, speed, and apparently load from resistance
being induced in the motors magnetic field begins to
occur just before and during theta activity beginning
in the brain using a stable DC power supply.

(NOTE: a recent
innovation to send microwave energy along the
magnetic field of our outlets to supply internet
makes it appear that such expectation of utilizing the
electrical outlets of a home or business to transmit
experimental frequencies to carry out a human guinea
pig experiment very plausible.)

A very small and quiet magnetic primary inductor
coupled with a more complex field output has been made and
we will let you know the results of its ability to jam the
frequencies being used soon. And here it is

there are many frequencies which
can be used to disrupt the human bio-field.
We do not advocate that there is any one way
to counter their effects. We state that these
devices will alter the fundamental frequency
of magnetism of the body and could decrease
the use of the bodies field for targeting of the body and
therefore the accuracy and or power level of
energies aimed at the individual may be reduced.
Which may reduce the exposure to energies
aimed at the individual.
please experiment we all need to pitch in.

Still doubt us just click this url below and type in
the following United States Patent numbers